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ChrisPC RAM BoosterChrisPC RAM Booster is a simple application, that can help you tweak your computer’s memory management, thus offering you a faster memory accessing speed. You can monitor the performance of the physical memory as well as the page file usage and improve memory management, in order to determine your PC to run smoother.The software displays a pie chart, representing the percentage of both free rams and used RAM, as well as the current processor usage, in real time.Chris-PC RAM Booster is set by default to start with Windows and run in the background, thus not affecting your current activities. It will definitely improve things! Your computer will get a boost, since RAM Booster will monitor the RAM (Random Access Memory) usage and when that gets to a certain low memory threshold, it will trigger the process of freeing up memory for newly opened programs while at the same time move the old programs from the RAM memory to the virtual memory on the disk.A memory benchmark test enables you to get an overview of the speed and stability of your computer’s memory. It is divided into smaller stages, in order to determine the memory’s performance in specific situations. Chris-Pc RAM Booster, from Rizonsoft, is a different take on the standard memory boosting app. It does not force any memory out of your RAM as most other RAM optimizers do, but it works differently, making a safe Windows API call, which tells Windows to clean up the workspace of all processes, thereby freeing up memory processes no longer needs (Clear Processes Working Set).The app helps improve the speed and the stability of your system, by periodically cleaning up processes. Although this method does not free up a large amount of RAM, instead, it improves the stability and performance of your computer.

It is a user and computer-friendly application, whose main purpose is to protect your system. It features optimized memory defragmentation engines, that handle large amounts of occupied RAM and aims to improve your computer’s performance and lifespan.The software allows you to change the threshold that determines the minimum amount of memory that needs to be maintained free, as well as set the limit of memory to free. In other words, when your computer reaches the lower limit of memory to maintain, the software notifies you of the critical level of free memory. Chris Memory Booster is that it scans processes that are trying to obtain large amounts of processing power. When it locates them it will set the priority from above normal, back to normal. This, in turn, frees up some needed processing power.Overall, Memory Booster is ok, for a freeware app that doesn’t claim to free up masses of RAM, rather improve stability and performance. It is lightweight, and easy to navigate by users of all levels of expertise. Chris-PC RAM Booster is an easy to use application which enabling you to productively manage your computer memory and pagefile usage. Chris-PC RAM Booster 4 Serial Number specially designed to optimizes a computer’s RAM to make the computer run faster. Chris-PC RAM Booster 4.50 Full Crack free download in a single direct link from here.Your computer will get a boost, it will trigger the process of freeing up memory for newly opened programs while at the same time move the old programs from the RAM memory to the virtual memory on the disk. You Can Download uTorrent Pro Serial Key HERE

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ChrisPC RAM Booster Key Features:

  • Faster running applications and video games by smartly optimizing the use of the physical RAM storage of your personal computer against the virtual storage from the page document of your Windows operating system.
  • A wide group of options and configurations for personal customization of RAM storage usage: including low storage threshold to begin the freeing up procedure, setting for full- display screen applications, CPU use for which memory ought to be free etc.
  • Background jogging: once installed, configured and started, RAM Booster will work without user interaction and can free-up ram storage quietly.
  • Pays to also on server devices (idle or used ), without a user logged in, offering usage of more RAM to server applications.
  • Carries a memory benchmark check to get an assessment of the balance of your RAM and pc memory.
  • Provides figures for a complete review of your computer functionality with RAM Booster dynamic.
  • Provides dynamic systray icon which shows computer real-time memory use.
  • Simple and intuitive user interface.


  • Uninstall the Previous Version Completely
  • Install Program Normally
  • Use Given Serial Key to Register ChrisPC RAM Booster License


  • 1000 MHz processor or higher, such as an Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon
  • Memory: more than 128 MB RAM
  • HDD Space: 10 MB
  • Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP & Windows Server 2012, 2008, 2003. 32-BIT/64-BIT
  • Internet Explorer 7 or higher.

ChrisPC RAM Booster Serial Key Download HERE

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