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GameMaker Studio UltimateGame development is not a huge deal anymore since everyone has access to modern tools that can get the job done with minimal effort and a very small team. In fact, even huge, triple-A graphics engines like Unreal Engine 4 are (somewhat) free nowadays, although indie developers do not have the necessary resources to get the most out of it. In case that’s a bit too overwhelming for you, on the other hand, there are even simpler choices out there. GameMaker Studio is the long-awaited second installment of the very popular engine designed for the beginners of the industry, and it brings a wide variety of improvements, as well as many new features that should allow you to build even better games. The trademark of the engine is its approachable controls and simple interface, which makes it the perfect tool for those who are just starting out in the industry. The workflow has also been simplified and improved, given the fact that you can now easily create sprites on the fly and switch between different objects with ease. Handy tiles brushes and an inheritance feature for objects are also part of the deal, plus a few other interface improvements. The Game Maker Language is a simplified version of C, so it shouldn’t be difficult to learn the basics and write your first scripts. Integrating them with the characters that are part of the game might be a bit tricky, but there’s no shortage of learning resources. Speaking of which, the game features a plethora of tutorials, guides and video lessons to get you started on virtually any part of the editor. Furthermore, it’s possible to download entire game projects and open them inside the editor in order to see how a complete game looks like, which is a neat way to learn how to make your own.

Even if GameMaker Studio is not necessarily a revolutionary engine and it might not be the perfect choice for a more complex project, it’s still one of the best tools out there for total beginners in the video game development business. If you’ve always wondered what it would be like to create your own video game but lacked the necessary coding skills, you can use GameMaker Studio to give it a try, although we’re willing to bet you would immediately immerse yourself into it (we know we did). Dedicated to 2D games only, the tool can help you design games from scratch for any platform when it comes to desktops (Windows, Mac, Ubuntu), web (HTML5), Microsoft UWP, mobiles (Android, iOS), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. For example, to create a copy of the original “Asteroids” game, you have to create the room that contains the player and asteroids, wrap it to make sure you can “go through walls” and come back on the other side, and draw or import images (sprites) to represent your player and asteroids. You can also make the ship gain speed by going up, rotate to left and right by creating events (the trigger) and associated actions, keep track of the score, destroy the ship when it collides with an asteroid or destroys the asteroid when it gets hit by a bullet, and so on.

GameMaker Studio Ultimate windows

GameMaker Studio Ultimate latest versionThe game can have sound effects (shooting, the explosion of asteroid destruction), along with a “Game Over!” screen. GameMaker Studio Ultimate has a proprietary language named GameMaker Language (GML). It’s similar to C and has predefined functions that can be easily called from the code editor. The help manual has all the necessary definitions and examples for each line of code, and there’s also code completion standing by for assistance. You can load custom fonts and tile sets, design timelines, and learn about object inheritance. All opened resources can be effortlessly explored in the workspace by dragging with the mouse wheel. GameMaker Studio is very easy to use and becomes really addictive (from our experience). Of course, it helps if you have a basic understanding of how programming languages work. Once you get the hang of it, 2D game designing can even step outside the hobby box and become an actual job.

GameMaker Studio Ultimate Key Features:

  • Allows you export your game directly
  • Intuitive “drag and drop” development
  • Supports extension and texture management
  • Programming language for professionals
  • Leading physics engine and advanced shaders
  • Supports Windows, MAC OS, Linux, etc.
  • Real-time animation editing and support
  • Advertising, analytics and user engagement
  • Unlimited resources and source control

How to install and activate?

  • Do not launch the program, exit if running
  • Copy Cracked files from Crack to directory
  • Directory where the program is installed
  • For more information, check readme.txt
  • Launch, login and complete the installation
  • Never let the program to apply any updates

Minimum Requirements:

  • Windows (64-bit only – all editions)
  • 2 GHz processor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • DirectX 11
  • 1024 x 768 display
  • 3 GB free hard disk space.

GameMaker Studio Ultimate Serial Key Download HERE

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